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Apr 24 '14
you light
my world
like nobody
— charles bukowski, 1982 (via genderfluidharry)

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Apr 24 '14


What we need more in media-

Trans characters
poc characters
Desexualized female characters
Mentally Ill characters
Disabled characters
Queer characters
Female protagonists
Bi characters
Pan characters
Asexual characters
Aromantic characters

What we don’t need more of

2 or 3 Cishet white dudes as the protagonists with a bunch of queerbaiting.

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Apr 23 '14

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Apr 23 '14

spn 9x19, on Jody and Alex


Watched 9x19 and that must have been the best characterisation of female characters on supernatural since Jo and Ellen died (rip)

and it passed the Bechdel test

Alex/Annie/Anne was a great once-off character and I hope we see her again

dean and sam pissed me off at first with their complete lack of empathy about victims of stockholm syndrome (i suspect some of dean’s callousness is coming from the Mark of Cain situation) but I was very relieved that they admitted they were wrong and helped cure Alex at the end

There were some sexist tropes still used but the way they resolved it (i.e. Alexis not dying, being seen sympathetically, Jody beign portrayed as a good hunter who could stand on her own) was way better than spn have handled women in the past

Also I really enjoyed Jody going all Criminal Minds BAU profiling to figure out Mama’s motivations and getting inside her mind which eventually led Alex to help Jodie kill the woman who abducted her

Have a cookie writer

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Apr 23 '14

look at me, bitch.


the use of the term ‘bitch’ in an episode where the most important players on the board were women is sort of stupidly important.

on the rocky road to individuation one ends up crossing paths with one’s anima or animus -anima for men and the animus for women- and dean has been crossing paths with aspects of his anima all season long. with robin - with suzie - even charlie.  

and in this episode dean crosses paths with three women, all of whom represent aspects of his personality and experiences and trauma. dean is the bad mother selfishly bent on keeping her daughter by her side at all costs, dean is alex/annie, the child who has been shaped into a monster by the choices of her parents, and dean is even jody mills, defender of the innocent and protector of the weak.

dean’s go-to insult is always ‘bitch, and that is in part because of the fact that he has never in his life come to terms with his feminine aspects.

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Apr 23 '14

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Apr 23 '14

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Apr 23 '14



#ok jesus christ they really need to nip this thing in the bud #yeah i get that sam was super loopy delirious from blood loss #and that making sure jody was okay was absolutely number one priority #but this is categorical proof that dean didn’t understand what sam meant back in 9x13 AT ALL #because of course he didn’t #but sam literally hearing dean say this to him right here #summarizing it as ‘you would let me bleed out and wouldn’t lift a finger to save my life’ #seems pretty damn worrisome and troubling to me #especially with dean on this psychopathic violence bender #and i know it’s all miscommunication blah for the sake of drama #but CHRIST #sam NEEDS to be like ‘that isn’t what i meant IN THE SLIGHTEST’ #~*~healthy communication~*~ (x)

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Apr 23 '14



it’s pretty telling that sam has a standard facial expression for “you two idiots seriously still don’t even realize how in love you are”





(Sam’s life really sucks.)

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Apr 23 '14

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