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Fuck Yeah New Addiction!

Likely a place to view my ever-changing interests
Apr 20 '14

Sam & Cas + Video Games


Sam & Cas + Video Games

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Apr 20 '14


Just a scared little boy who’s afraid to be on his own because daddy never loved him enough.

Wiping the clean mirror as if it would change what he sees just about killed me.

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Apr 19 '14

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Apr 19 '14



happy easter

this is the kind of stuff that causes nightmares 

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Apr 18 '14
With all my knowledge and intuition I could never predict YOU. I can feed the caterpillar, and I can whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me.
— Hannibal, Su-Zakana - basically calling Will a beautiful butterfly. (via fuckinghannibal)

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Apr 18 '14




This is how you make shipping jokes in a non-shaming, non-patronizing way. <3

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Apr 18 '14

So, I had to sit through dinner with my father and his current girlfriend. Apparently, she has a son named Weston and he’s a total prude. So in my head I created “The fun adventures of Weston” in-which he does ~crazy~ things in secret.

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Apr 18 '14
  • Doctor: I think you'll need a shot
  • Me: AYYYYY
  • Doctor: AYYYYY *brings out tequila*

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Apr 18 '14

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Apr 18 '14


And this is why THESE two are forever my OTP.

The relationship in this universe has gone far beyond the smooth friendship of Granada or the twisted heated courtship of BBC. They are into old married couple territory and it is spectacular. 

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